Body-flight Theory

I would like to thank Lesley Gale at Skydivemag for publishing a series of papers I have put together about body-flight. These articles highlight some observations I have made over the years while skydiving and tunnel-flying.  eWxDSf7eTpW-Y_4dg6Du3w.jpg

The ideas presented in the paper are a type of bookkeeping that can outline the different ways a skydiver or tunnel flyer can move in the air. The language developed and its use are meant to best represent the activity, and help lay a theoretical concept or knowledge foundation.

Here are the 4 installments:

  • Episode 1 – The Axis system and Frames of reference
  • Episode 2 – Six directions of movement, Orientation borders and Range of motion
  • Episode 3 – Move combinations, including Multi-axis combinations
  • Episode 4 – Terminators, Real world applications and Conclusion
Episode 4 will complete part 1 of this BodyFlight Theory paper, the Skydiving Coordinate System. Other parts will be subsequently added to cover theory and application for all human flight disciplines, through understanding the principles of human flight.

I invite comments, contributions and critique in order to advance the theoretical knowledge of the sport of body-flight (please send to

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