Fly Smart. Train Hard.

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Photo by Samantha Schwann

Being competitors at heart, Niklas and Brianne do their best to improve on a daily basis. This applies not only to competitions, but also their business and life’s work – AXIS Flight School. AXIS has gone through an incredible online transformation, which could be called a “Cyber Grand Re-opening”. These changes have been taking place behind the scenes for over two years.

The AXIS website has always been packed with lots of useful tools and information. In order to make the site more user friendly and to keep up with the times more than a facelift was needed. In fact, we started over. Major improvements include a color coded menu system which is easy to navigate, condensed information on every page, and not to be overlooked – The AXIS Skydiving Repository. Here we developed a digital sorting system that categorizes all or our articles and reference materials for faster recall. Now users can search for categories such as solo skills, canopy, camera, and much more to find what you are looking for.

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In addition, AXIS Flight School now uses, a platform on which you can keep track of accomplishments, IDs, licenses, merits, etc. in a digital form. This allows us to send merits to students who have demonstrated their proficiency to our AXIS Coaches™ and acknowledge their achievements. Available Merits are displayed at the top of each web page, and their colors correspond to the new menu system.

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Our online tools are still available to all for free. All AXIS dive pool images, Draw Generator, and ChronoPrism have all been updated with the new 2019 formations.

Body-flight Theory

I would like to thank Lesley Gale at Skydivemag for publishing a series of papers I have put together about body-flight. These articles highlight some observations I have made over the years while skydiving and tunnel-flying.  eWxDSf7eTpW-Y_4dg6Du3w.jpg

The ideas presented in the paper are a type of bookkeeping that can outline the different ways a skydiver or tunnel flyer can move in the air. The language developed and its use are meant to best represent the activity, and help lay a theoretical concept or knowledge foundation.

Here are the 4 installments:

  • Episode 1 – The Axis system and Frames of reference
  • Episode 2 – Six directions of movement, Orientation borders and Range of motion
  • Episode 3 – Move combinations, including Multi-axis combinations
  • Episode 4 – Terminators, Real world applications and Conclusion
Episode 4 will complete part 1 of this BodyFlight Theory paper, the Skydiving Coordinate System. Other parts will be subsequently added to cover theory and application for all human flight disciplines, through understanding the principles of human flight.

I invite comments, contributions and critique in order to advance the theoretical knowledge of the sport of body-flight (please send to