Photo by Amy Chmelecki

Article by Sara Curtis

“On July 6th, during the Patriots Boogie, Skydive Arizona and Arizona Arsenal hosted a 2-Way VFS competition. This will be a new test event at this year’s U.S. Nationals at Skydive Chicago in September. 2-Way VFS was developed by SoCal Converge and Arizona Arsenal in order to bridge the gap in competition between Artistic Freefly and 4-Way VFS. It also provides a stepping stone for smaller groups to learn the basics of VFS while adding in elements of belly/back flying.

Six teams took part in the competition and Arsenal provided video for teams who did not come with their own camera flyer. The draw included both vertical and belly/back points which made the inside flying and the camera flying uniquely challenging.

The official competition will be six rounds. However, due to the very hot weather, Arsenal decided to keep this competition to four rounds. When the competition jumps were complete, the participants went up for a large group flock as a final fifth jump.

winners 2-way VFS Skydive Arizona Patriots Boogie

First place went to AXIS Flight School with Niklas Daniel, Brianne Thompson, and Dave Rhea (camera) at a total of 42 points. Second place was taken by Ludicrous Speed with Vince Arnone of SkyVenture Arizona, Paige Milligan, and Steve Curtis (camera) with a total of 32 points. The third place award went to team 3-D with Chazi Blacksher and Amy Benton, both Skydive Arizona freefly organizers, and Nik Blacksher on camera. 3-D scored a total of 28 points.

Thanks to all participants for braving the Arizona heat, contributing to this worthy cause, and helping to test this exciting new discipline.”

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