2012 USPA Nationals Media Coverage

“The USPA Constitution binds USPA “to sanction skydiving competitions, to document officially all state, national and world skydiving records set by citizens of the U.S., and to select and train the United States Parachute Team for world competition.” The Skydiver’s Competition Manual prescribes procedures by which national competitions are selected and conducted, how judges are rated, how records are set, and how teams are selected. Annually, USPA conducts the National Skydiving Championships to recognize national champions in seven skydiving competition disciplines: Canopy Formation, Canopy Piloting, Formation Skydiving, Freefall Style, Accuracy Landing, Artistic Events (Freestyle Skydiving and Freeflying) and Vertical Formation Skydiving. In addition, USPA hosts the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships annually for the collegiate skydiving community. Official U.S. Teams are chosen from the results of the National Championships (excluding Collegiates) from the top competitors in each Open class to represent the United States at international skydiving meets.” – uspanationals.com

Event Photographers Ori Kuper, Niklas Daniel, and Greg Gasson

Here are some of my selects from the 11 day event.


Here is some of the video footage we collected during the VFS event:

To view more, please visit the USPA YouTube Channel.

Outside News Coverage

ESPN Playbook – Visual Posts

Associated Press – RAW: National Skydiving Championships in Ariz.

Phoenix Channel 3 News

Phoenix’s CBS 5 Start Smart Morning News

Galleries and other Photo Pages

USPA Facebook Album

AXIS Flight School Album

USPA Nationals


For more information on scores, please visit the Omniskore website!

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