DropZone Marketing highlights AXIS

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 6.54.00 AMDropZone Marketing specializes in effective marketing strategies for the skydiving industry. They help skydiving professionals connect with customers and grow their business via Social Media, Web Design, SEO, SEM, Branding, and Custom Consulting Services. In a recent newsletter, the company featured AXIS Flight School as one of 5 BRANDS KILLING IT WITH CONTENT.

“There are several brands in the skydiving industry doing an excellent job of connecting with their audiences by generating excellent content. An examination of who’s doing it and why it’s 5-skydiving-brands-1-900x400so good.

AXIS Flight School has been producing great content from an entertainment standpoint as well as an educational one. Have a look at their YouTube page and you’ll see a huge variety of stuff. Their brand awareness is way up (I wouldn’t know much about them if not for their videos and content in various magazines).

The best marketing resonates. The best way to resonate is to be authentic and use storytelling to showcase who you are. This resonates with Millennials (our number 1 target market) and our general customer base. It’s time to stop selling and start showcasing who we are and why we’re passionate about what we do.” – James La Barrie

AXIS would like to thank James and DropZone Marketing for the shout out.


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