Camera-flying Essentials

Camera-Flying-Essentials-Equipment.jpgI would like to thank Blue Skies Magazine for including some articles I wrote about camera flying in their “Get Current” column. This is the magazine’s annual spring refresher series, with the idea of addressing safety concerns so jumpers can come back from winter hibernation safely. I have created links to the three part series below which covers a variety of topics on camera flying such as: basic safety requirements, preparation and physical conditioning, training and skills, attitude and risk, procedures, deployment, future planning, and much more. If you like what you see and would like to support this awesome magazine, don’t forget to subscribe.

BS_LOGO_SQUARE“Are you just getting back into the sport and looking forward to filming the super cool idea you had over the winter? Is this the season where you are finally going to jump a camera for the first time? In either case, I hope to be able to share some insight on this fun activity to get your season started off right—and so that you can avoid having to wear the cone of shame…”

Part 1: The Camera Flyer

Part 2: Procedures

Part 3: Equipment 

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