Arizona Arsenal photos by Brandon Atwood

az-arsenal-logo-redArizona Arsenal has been a competitive 4-way Vertical Formation Skydiving Team since the first test USPA Nationals in 2006. At this time VFS was called VRW, Vertical Relative Work. Since then Arsenal has maintained its status as a top tier medalling competitor winning gold and silver medals each year at both the National and World levels.

Check out some of the awesome photos Brandon Atwood took during out last training camp at Skydive Arizona with his Go Pro 3.

6184_10151404740561330_61316015_n 1017462_10151404740136330_1180482782_n 1016146_10151404740001330_47281953_n 1014328_10151404739881330_1263698139_n 1010574_10151404739686330_2130646106_n 1003115_10151404739811330_899147691_n 1001855_10151404739556330_10495719_n 999532_10151404740336330_602148820_n 999263_10151404739531330_405011058_n 992838_10151404739941330_405955419_n 971445_10151404740296330_1647635394_n 968946_10151404740566330_1421473235_n 10570_10151404739651330_694566980_n 8632_10151404740361330_2106145986_n

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