2012 USPA Nationals Info

Here is some basic information regarding the upcoming 2012 USPA National Skydiving Championships hosted by Skydive Arizona.

Individual Event Registration Forms

FS (4-Way, 8-Way, 10-Way, 16-Way & VFS)   /   Artistic Events (Freestyle, Freefly)   /   Style & Accuracy   /   Canopy Formation (4-Way Rotation, 4-Way Sequential, 2-Way)   /   VFS

Team Event Registration Forms

4-Way FS   /   8-Way FS   /   10-Way FS   /   16-Way FS   /   VFS   /   Freefly   /   Freestyle   /   Accuracy Landing   /   2-Way Sequential CF   /   4-Way Sequential CF   /   Rotation CF

Rules can be found at www.uspa.org. On the home page, go to “USPA Members.” There you can click on “Downloads” and look for the Skydiver’s Competition Manual. (SCM) If this is your first time at the Nationals read Section 1 carefully, as well as reading the section specific to the events you are interested in.


Every competitor or alternate pays a general registration fee of $50 for facilities, banquets, shirt, etc. Videographers are considered competitors. After that, cost is entry fee per event, plus jumps. Entry fees are based on the estimated number of participants sharing costs for their event. Jump costs are based on a fuel cost of less than $3.00 per gallon. In the event that fuel rises above that, jumps will be raised in proportion. Each one dollar in extra fuel cost adds about $1.50 to the jump price. Rule changes affecting number of rounds, judges, etc. may also affect costs.

2,500 4,000 feet: $22

4,001 9,000 feet: $23

9,001-13,000 feet: $24

Formation Skydiving / Vertical Formation Skydiving:

$100 plus jumps per competitor for the first event. $50 plus jumps for each additional event.

Canopy Formation:

$150 plus jumps for the first event, $50 plus jumps for each additional event.

Artistic Events:

Freefly: $75 plus jumps

Freestyle: $125 plus jumps

Both events: $150 plus jumps

S&A: $200 for one or both events, plus jumps.

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