Alien Invasion Skydive Vienna Boogie 2012

Skydive Vienna located at the biggest and oldest grass-only airfield in Europe (LOXN) celebrated its 40th birthday with the Skydive Vienna Boogie : Alien Invasion 2012 (27th July to 5th August 2012).  All the skydivers from several nations did not only enjoy the blue sky – but also the available coaching for FreeFly with Niklas Daniel & Brianne Thompson from Axis Flight School and the Canopy Control Seminars with Curt Bartholomew from Team Alter Ego. Markus Seifert from Skydive Vienna, actual national free fly Champion won the FreeFly MoneyMeet 2012 Competition. The boogie ended with a big celebration party and a Alien costume competition – the winner won a free Mirage Container.

Additional Information:

Visitors from : Austria, USA, Norway, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Nederland, Germany, Belgium

196 Loads / 2760 Jumps

No injuries

2x reserve

Plane Type : Dornier DO 28 D2 (12 Minutes to 13.000 ft with 15 skydivers)


Birthday party celebration 40th Birthday of Skydive Vienna.

Alien costume party – best dressed Alien won a free Mirage

Skydive Vienna FreeFly MoneyMeet 2012:

–   15 participants

–   Winner : Markus Seifert (actual national free fly champion of Austria)

Here is the video from all the rounds of the Freefly Money Meet.

For more images, please check out the links below:

AXIS Flight School Facebook Album

Para CLUB Wr. NEUSTADT Facebook Album

Mirage Containers Facebook Album

40. Jahre Para Club & FreeFly MoneyMeet 2012

Part1: Alien Invasion 2012 : Skydive Vienna Boogie

Part 2 : Alien Invasion 2012 : Skydive Vienna Boogie

Sunset @ Skydive Vienna Boogie 2012

Boogie 2012 : Axis Flightschool

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