Team Azure

Australian Freefly Team Azure visited AXIS Flight School at Skydive Arizona to continue their training from six months ago. Brad and Emma are working hard to become the next National Champions back home in order to compete at the World Championships in 2014. In addition to working on their individual flying skills, the team has started to create a unique free routine, and building up their VFS skills. Here are some pictures I took during one of the tunnel sessions in the Skyventure Arizona wind tunnel.

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Check out their latest video on YouTube! – Tunnel Heaven 2012

During their stay Brad and Emma also got the chance to take part in the Arizona Arsenal World Record try-out camp. Doing well at this event is crucial in order to get an invitation to take part in the upcoming at Head Down World Record at Skydive Chicago later this summer (current record is 108-way, target for new record is at least a 120-way!).

To view Brad and Emma’s progress over the last six months, check out this previous blog post!

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