Skydive EXPO 2012!

The Skydive EXPO was a 6-day multi-part event, with the purpose of showcasing equipment, offer educational seminars and do some jumping. The main focus of the Skydive Expo was the trade-show. This allowed manufacturers from all over the world to feature their gear at booths, answer questions and show off the latest and greatest. Some of them even had some gear to demo! Daily seminars were offered on a wide range of skydiving related topics by some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. Load organizers were on-hand at Skydive DeLand during the jump portion of the Expo, putting together small, low-key, pick-up-style jumps throughout the event. It was a great time for all experience levels!

For more information and to view images and videos of the event, be sure to check out the EXPO Facebook page!

AXIS Flight School attended the event to help organize (Brianne), give a seminar (Nik on Photography), and capture events footage. Here is entire list of the organizers who made this event so awesome:

Here is a slide show of my selects of the event:

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Ted was one of the creators of the skydiving industry, and he strived to improve the industry that he loved without seeking fame or credit. He just wanted a safer and more inviting environment for everybody to enjoy and experience skydiving the way he did. He saw a need for education that is accessible to all sport skydivers – and what better way to do that than a jumping event where people learned about their gear. To that end, Ted helped draft the original guidelines of the Skydive Expo. We’ll honor Ted’s memory at the 2012 Skydive Expo in many ways—not least of which will be sharing safety, education, and fun with sport skydivers from around the world.

Below you will find a short video as well as some photos of the jump dedicated to Ted.

Sandy Grillet organized the jump, coming up with the dive (D-16) and inviting a lot of highly skilled flyers to execute the jump. The images I took below are free for anyone! Please feel free to share them with friends and family and post them wherever you like. They are large enough for prints if desired.

More images of the EXPO by others:

PD, UPT, and Vigil Expo Party

PD’s 30th B-Day Photo Booth

Skydive EXPO Facebook Album

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