Niklas Daniel wins the 10th Annual Freefly Money Meet 2012

Skydive Arizona‘s Freefly Money Meet is an annual competition that has been organized by Amy Chmelecki for the past 10 years!

How it works: In each of five rounds you will be randomly matched with a different partner of similar flying ability. Your partner in each round will be competing against you on other teams during the other rounds. A sequence of compulsory moves will be drawn from the dive pool below (see link). Each round will have a different draw. You and your partner for that round gain one point each time you correctly perform a move in the order of the draw. A video pool camera flyer will record the dives. Your score for each round will be added up. The person with the highest score wins. For a list of the rules click HERE.

Here a couple of videos from the meet by Brandon Atwood and Steve Curtis:

Here are the results for all 5 rounds from all three classes:

The “Hang Ten Trophy” stays in Arizona for another year 🙂

For more photos of the event, please visit Skydive Arizona’s Facebook page.

Also featured on 90Percent (Italian Skydiving Magazine) WebNews Nr.44 

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