AXIS Flight School is going to the Skydive Expo!

Skydive Expo is a  6-day gear extravaganza of fun and education—seminars, manufacturers, world-class organizing, and jumping. The people who make your gear want to meet you and share all they know about their products. It’s a fun, informal event filled with education, skydiving, and skydivers.

Planned Events

The heart of the Skydive Expo is the expo itself; manufacturers from around the world will be here at low-pressure booths to answer your questions and show you their gear. Even better, you’ll be able to walk over to Skydive DeLand to test out what they teach you! There will be seminars on a wide range of topics such as packing, maintenance, new gear features, and more. Organizers will be here putting together low-key, small, pick-up style jumps—no high pressure dirt diving or fear of getting cut here.


Gear manufacturers love going to boogies because they’re the perfect environment to answer your questions, teach you about their products, meet jumpers, and have fun. All the manufacturers wanted to get together with that low-key vibe in one place, at a world-class drop zone where you can actually jump the products you’re learning about!

Who is doing this?

Gear manufacturers from around the world are organizing the Skydive Expo.  This isn’t an event to sell you gear (no sales are allowed at the expo, so don’t worry about being pressured to buy anything); we just want you to learn all you can about your gear. Period. The Skydive Expo is all about safety and education.

Where and when?

DeLand, Florida, USA. April 3-8, 2012

For more information, please click here.

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