2011 Holiday Boogie Schedule

December 24 (Saturday):
**Day one! Cheap jumps, load organizers and beer truck all begin and continue all boogie! **FREE appetizers at the Bent Prop from 6-9 PM.

December 25 (Sunday):
**Christmas day with your Arizona Family!
**Yummy holiday dinner special at the Bent Prop.

December 26 (Monday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, Arsenal, AXIS)
**Canopy safety seminar relating to canopy flight at Skydive Arizona during the boogie in the main hangar at 6:00pm

December 27 (Tuesday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, Arsenal, AXIS)
**Arizona Women’s FS State Record Warm ups

December 28 (Wednesday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, Arsenal, AXIS)
**Arizona Women’s FS State Record Attempts
**Giant Bonfire in the Desert: Hotdog roast included!

December 29 (Thursday):
**Load Organizing 4 way FS and VFS competitions (Belly flyers will compete against hoedown flyers using a special dive pool)
**Talent show! Got talent? Bring it!!! Very silly things will happen—–be afraid

December 30 (Friday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, AXIS)
**Arsenal Vertical Squentials

January 31 (Saturday):
**8 way speed competition (belly and head down teams can play and compete against each other)
**New Year’s party in the Bent Prop, live band outside, DJ inside—–OH, IT’S ON!
**New Year’s midnight jump and Champaign ride in the DC3
**Balloon drop at midnight in the Bent Prop under the circus tent

January 1 (Sunday):
**The awesomeness will kick off at 10:00am with load one (we can all have a sleep-in)
**Random fun organizing

For more information, please visit the Skydive AZ website.

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