OEW 2020 Status Update

Back in February, OEW students Ryan Newell and Chris Wolff came to Skydive Arizona to learn how to fly their bodies during an intensive wind tunnel training camp with AXIS Flight School. Eight months later, they are back to start their jump training in pursuit of reaching the USPA A-License and beyond. The long break had several culprits, the largest one being the covid 19 epidemic. However, the months between their last visit also gave the team (UPT, OEW, AXIS) ample time to sort out equipment considerations that have to be addressed with every new OEW student. Each person has unique physical limitations that must be compensated for with custom equipment and training.

On October 21st, Ryan and Chris flew for 90 minutes in the tunnel, courtesy of Skyventure AZ. After getting reacquainted with the wind, Brianne started their first jump course (FJC). Over the next two days, both Ryan and Chris took to the skies learning via training-tandem progression with Adventures in Skydiving instructors Rich and Aaron. As the boys become more aware and comfortable with the demands of the sport, Brianne and Nik conducted more ground training before their first jumps on the 24th. Joost Luysterburg, a local instructor, was kind enough to donate some of his time to help Ryan and Chris during preparations and jumping.

Now about a week and a half into their training, Chris is still going strong with jumping and tunnel flying. Unfortunately Ryan has to take a break due to an injury sustained during a landing. Though his training is currently on hold, Ryan only sees this as a “bump in the road”, and is not deterred by this turn of events. We wish him well and are looking forward to his return.

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