Right This Minute Valentines Skydiving Skype Interview

Valentine’s Day rolls around each year and that means it’s time for the annual Valentine’s Skydiving Meet over Eloy, Arizona. RTM interviewed me over Skype to find out more about the event. To check it out, please follow this link:

Right This Minute Valentines Meet Coverage 

Right This Minute (RTM) is a daily, news and information program that takes the internet, social and mobile media, citizen reporters wrapped into the thrill of discovery. Designed for active viewers who want to stay informed. It is a fast-paced roundup of the most timely, engaging and explosive stories, as well as the stories that viewers determine are of most interest. The most-incredible video, the stories that make people stop and think, compelling human-condition stories, and the next day’s popular “water cooler” stories will be covered in every RightThisMinute episode.” – RTM Facebook page

For all you Arizona Airspeed fans, here is the 2012 competition video by Bill Schmitz:


(26 Average and first meet with a low score of 23 points in any round.)

Here is another one of the old line up performing 74 points in 35 seconds!


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