Experimenting with Time Lapse

About ten years ago I watched the movie Baraka by Ron Fricke. It came out in 1992 and was inspired by the movie Koyaanisqatsi (1982) by Godfrey Reggio. The movie has no conventional plot, merely a collection of expertly photographed scenes. Without words, cameras show us the world, with an emphasis not on “where,” but on “what is there.”  I was truly amazes at the images I witnessed and have had them in my mind ever since.

Only recently after having seen the trailer for the movie Time Scapes by Tom Lowe, have I been inspired to give time lapse a try for myself. Over the past week I have performed experiments with clouds, rivers, sunsets, the milky way, people, and some other random ideas. All images were shot with my Canon 7D using various lenses.

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