Testing New Canon Lenses

Thanks to Cameron, one of my skydiving students, I was able to make some test jumps on a couple of new Canon lenses that he let me borrow:

Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye and Canon Super Wide Angle EF 14mm f/2.8L.

Let me just start by saying that both of these lenses are fantastic. Even though they weigh noticeably more when they are on your head, the shots you land with are well worth it!

I tested both of these lenses on the Canon 7D, which is what I jump primarily, and the Canon 5D Mark II.

“The fixed 14mm is a bright lens that provides an ultra wide-angle view, and has the shortest focal length in the line-up of L series lenses. Its diagonal angle of view is an impressive 114° – anything larger would be a fisheye lens.” – B&H

“The 8-15mm delivers 180° diagonal angle of view images for all EOS SLR cameras with imaging formats ranging from full-frame to APS-C. When the lens is used with full-frame cameras you can choose between a circular fisheye image or full-frame image by using the zoom.” – B&H

1st SIS event held at Skydive Arizona Jan 27th-29th 2012

Sisters in Skydiving is the U.S. Parachute Association‘s female mentorship program. SIS invites experienced women skydivers to sign up to act as mentors to student and novice female jumpers. By giving new women jumpers experienced female role models to help guide and support them, SIS is be able to increase retention of female students, adding depth and diversity to the sport. On January 27th to the 29th, big sisters set up a slumber-party style event especially for Lil Sisters at Skydive Arizona. This event was geared toward the under 200 jumps girls. Organized by Lisa Mazetta, Amy Benton & Chazi Blacksher, this was the first official SIS event / boogie. Many females from around the country attended, getting to know some of the most established female skydivers in the world. In addition, venders were present to showcase and educate new jumpers on the latest equipment. Water training was available for those seeking to receive their B-license.

As the sun went down, the ladies migrated to the SkyVenture Arizona tunnel, where a one hour session was divided amongst the participants. For some of the little sisters, it was the first time they had ever stepped into a vertical wind tunnel.

In the evening, a banquet was held at the Bent Prop, where all participants were fed and able to bond while skydiving videos were playing in the background. After the festivities, some of the sport’s top female athletes gave speeches about their involvement in the sport and were later available for a little Q&A. Prizes were handed out that ranged from free helmets, jumps suits, gift certificates for containers, canopies, and the list goes on!

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Overall this event was very successful in connecting jumpers of varying skill and experience levels. Thank you Lisa Mazetta, Amy Benton & Chazi Blacksher for organizing this event. Looking forward to next time!