AXIS Flight School launches its first App!

Over the past 3 years, AXIS Flight School has been working with Good Goblin Games to develop a new kind of skydiving app. Featuring Woody, an animated and interactive figurine that helps demonstrate body-flight and canopy-piloting concepts. In addition, the app features many more useful tools for everyone from the casual jumper to instructors and competitors.

AXIS Skydiving

Skydiving Tutorials and Tools.

A great compendium of exercises, knowledge, visualizations, and tools for skydivers and tunnel flyers.
Meet Woody! Your interactive wooden dummy guide with comprehensive information using amazing skydiving and canopy animations for a broad spectrum of experience and skill levels. Great for novice jumpers who wish to learn more, and a fantastic tool for coaches who need visuals for their students.
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Available in the iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 10.29.06 AM.png
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● Education:
-Hi-res animations and photos of each exercise
-Easy-to-understand detailed descriptions
-Search by body-flight orientation or canopy piloting skills
● Calculators:
-Exit separation,
-Reserve Repack Cycle,
-Wing Loading,
-Canopy Size Orientation Guide
● Competition tools:
-Adjustable count down timer with audio cue,
-Pace, score and bust tracker
-Draw generator
-Performance analyzer
-Dive pools
If you are looking for more in depth knowledge, consider supporting us with an annual subscription. We regularly update adding new skydive content and features.

Fly Smart. Train Hard.

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Photo by Samantha Schwann

Being competitors at heart, Niklas and Brianne do their best to improve on a daily basis. This applies not only to competitions, but also their business and life’s work – AXIS Flight School. AXIS has gone through an incredible online transformation, which could be called a “Cyber Grand Re-opening”. These changes have been taking place behind the scenes for over two years.

The AXIS website has always been packed with lots of useful tools and information. In order to make the site more user friendly and to keep up with the times more than a facelift was needed. In fact, we started over. Major improvements include a color coded menu system which is easy to navigate, condensed information on every page, and not to be overlooked – The AXIS Skydiving Repository. Here we developed a digital sorting system that categorizes all or our articles and reference materials for faster recall. Now users can search for categories such as solo skills, canopy, camera, and much more to find what you are looking for.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.55.26 PM.png

In addition, AXIS Flight School now uses, a platform on which you can keep track of accomplishments, IDs, licenses, merits, etc. in a digital form. This allows us to send merits to students who have demonstrated their proficiency to our AXIS Coaches™ and acknowledge their achievements. Available Merits are displayed at the top of each web page, and their colors correspond to the new menu system.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.52.12 PM

Our online tools are still available to all for free. All AXIS dive pool images, Draw Generator, and ChronoPrism have all been updated with the new 2019 formations.

Learn More About the 2012 USPA Nationals!

If the number of inquires USPA Headquarters has been receiving on a weekly basis is any indication, this year’s National Skydiving Championships at Skydive Arizona is going to be the biggest ever. Here’s some basic information for those interested in competing:

Registration: All competitors, including alternates and videographers, pay a general registration fee of $50. In addition, there is an event entry fee, plus the cost of jumps. Event entry fees are calculated based on the estimated number of participants sharing fixed costs; therefore, more entrants in your event results in lower cost per competitor. Event fees are as follows:

  • Formation skydiving and vertical formation skydiving: $100 plus jumps for the first event, $50 plus jumps for each additional event
  • Canopy formation: $150 plus jumps for the first event, $50 plus jumps for each additional event
  • Artistic events: freefly, $75 plus jumps; freestyle, $125 plus jumps; freefly and freestyle, $150 plus jumps
  • Style & accuracy: $200 for one or both events plus jumps

Jump prices are based on fuel prices; if the price of fuel goes up $1 per gallon, jump rates go up $1.50. If current fuel prices remain stable through October, then the price per jump is as follows:

  • 2,500-4,000 feet: $22 (accuracy landing)
  • 4,001-9,000 feet: $23 (style and CF events)
  • 9,001-13,000 feet: $24 (artistic and FS/VFS events)

Here’s a sample calculation: You enter both FS 4-way and 8-way. You’ll pay the $50 general registration fee plus $150 for two FS events, plus $480 for jumps ($24/jump for 10 rounds for two events). Total cost is $680.

Registration is open from the beginning of the official start of Nationals until 5 p.m. the day before your event starts. At approximately 6 p.m. the evening before your event, meet management will announce the draw and hand out individual/ team numbers and assign jump order (you’ll get a copy of the draw).

Skydive Arizona has created a 2012 Nationals Event Page with basic meet information and FAQs. Look for a dedicated Facebook page sometime in September. You can go to Skydive Arizona’swebsite now to check out the DZ’s amenities, aircraft, lodging, food, rigging, transportation options and a motel/lodging list.

Here’s the schedule for Nationals: 

Write with any questions; see you there!

Skydiver’s Competition Manual Gets a Makeover!
USPA’s Competition and Communications staffs have been hard at work on a major, long-overdue overhaul of the Skydiver’s Competition Manual—not only implementing the many changes that went into effect at 2011 and 2012 USPA Board of Directors meetings, but also completely reworking the manual into a format similar to the one used by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale and the International Parachuting Commission. As new chapters (formerly sections) of the SCM are completed, they’ll be posted on the website for free downloading. The complete SCM will be available in early July.

Source: News Update from the United States Parachute Association (Web Newsletter)

Skydiving Recurrence Requirements

At AXIS Flight School we meet jumpers from all walks of life. Be it a Student who just received their A-License, the Weekend Warrior, and the Hard-Core Competitors. No matter what your experience level, each license has strict rules regarding proficiency and currency. Since we encounter question about retrains all the time, I thought it might be a good idea to highlight some of the information here:

“Returning skydivers require thorough practical training in the following subject areas:
a. aircraft procedures
b. equipment
c. exit and freefall procedures
d. canopy control and landings
e. emergency procedures

USPA A-license holders who have not made a freefall skydive within 60 days should make at least one jump under the supervision of a currently rated USPA instructional rating holder until demonstrating altitude awareness, freefall control on all axes, tracking, and canopy skills sufficient for safely jumping in groups

USPA B-license holders who have not made a freefall skydive within the preceding 90 days should make at least one jump under the supervision of a USPA instructional rating holder until demonstrating the ability to safely exercise the to safely exercise the privileges of that license.

USPA C- and D-license holders who have not made a freefall skydive within the preceding six months should make at least one jump under the supervision of a USPA instructional rating holder until demonstrating the ability to safely exercise the privileges of that license.

Students who have not jumped within the preceding 30 days should make at least one jump under the direct supervision of an appropriately rated USPA Instructor.

DZ policy: Students/Non Licensed jumpers who have not jumped within the last year will need to take a full FJC ground school training. Recurrency jumps to be determined at instructor’s discretion.”- USPA SIM.

PDF Version

Here are some great malfunction pictures by Performance Designs to review your emergency procedures 🙂

To see the names and proper procedures for each one, please visit the AXIS Flight School Facebook Album!

Foundations of Flight

Foundations of Flight is AXIS Flight School‘s monthly “trick tip” column which is published by USPA‘s Parachutist. So far AXIS has covered everything from basic belly flying to free flying. Our latest addition in the series now also includes canopy skills. Be sure to check out AXIS updates on their Facebook page!

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