2013 Women’s Vertical World Record 63-Way

“A group of 63 women fell to Earth and set a new world record Saturday. The skydivers from around the world descended to Eloy, Ariz., from 18,000 feet in the air, setting a new world record for the most amount of women flying headfirst in a formation…” -Daily News


Here are some of my selects (Prints are available for purchase by contacting me at Info@NiklasDaniel.com)

IMG_1688 IMG_1711 IMG_1716 IMG_1749 IMG_1835 IMG_2221 IMG_2200 IMG_2155 IMG_2138 IMG_1847 IMG_3043 IMG_3036 IMG_2993 IMG_2496 IMG_2449 IMG_3850 IMG_3846 IMG_3610 IMG_3392 IMG_3321 IMG_4761 IMG_4515 IMG_4438 IMG_4094 IMG_4056 IMG_5041 IMG_5038 IMG_5025 IMG_4976 IMG_4972

World Record in the Media and other Publications:

 ABC News

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.09.21 AM

Daily Mail – Daily MotioniLoveSkydiving.org – Blue Skies Mag

And here is a great video edit by Emma Merritt

Parachutist Center Fold – December 2013 Issue 650

I would like to thank USPA Parachutist for utilizing one of my Women’s Vertical World Record Camp photographs for the December Center Fold spot. It depicts jumpers converging on the base over Skydive Arizona.


Women’s Vertical Record Camp

halloween-carnivale-2013Skydive Arizona hosted its 5th Annual Halloween Boogie on October 25th – 27th. This event featured $21 jump tickets, free boogie beer every night, organizing by Arizona Airspeed and Arizona Arsenal, Cornhole Tournament, Saturday Night party with DJ, Costume Contest, and much more. In addition, Arizona Arsenal hosted the Women’s Vertical Record Camp which was designed to get the participants ready for next months World Record Attempts in Eloy. The goal is to break the current 41 way world record starting on November 28th.


Here are some of my selects from the camp:

1378386_548272598575089_1330930821_n 1378261_548153005253715_734991142_n 1378801_548153001920382_137598464_n 1383370_548272588575090_1926344798_n 733912_548272585241757_683904082_n 993689_548345021901180_687681225_n 1003037_548230141912668_654677725_n 1013272_548190791916603_2138572634_n 1375819_547717018630647_1362905032_n 1392926_547408091994873_1441562351_n 551321_548345018567847_478364950_n 1383347_548271361908546_2123470342_n 1380012_548345015234514_251112030_n 1384357_548297161905966_320744931_n 524668_548271341908548_1843687174_n 580560_548230155246000_983041256_n 1381985_548345058567843_1379860552_n

Below is a great video by Bill Schmitz of the Carnivale Boogie. It also includes some footage of the Women’s Vertical Record Camp:

Aerial footage from:
Amy Chmelecki
Bill Schmitz
Brandon Atwood
Konstantine Petrijcuks
Niklas Daniel
Simon Bones
Steve Curtis

Django Django, WOR

Arizona Arsenal Vertical Challenge 2013

“Here are some nuggets from the Vertical Challenge at Skydive Arizona. The song is Colours by Grouplove. Oh yeah, and The Final Countdown by Europe :)” – Video edited by Brandon Atwood

The Az Vertical Challenge, ran along side the celebrated belly version, the Arizona Challenge, was held this year May 24- 27, 2013. The event was hosted by Skydive Arizona and organized by Arizona Arsenal.  The purpose was to bring participants together to perform unique vertical formations with multiple points.

All 14 jumps went to 16,500 feet and were between 23 to 32 ways,  12 formation jumps, and 2 full skyvan loads.  Registered participants paid the Memorial Day Boogie price of $21.00 per jump plus $5.50 for extra altitude w/ oxygen.

The goal was multiple point head down big ways, with some upright bonus points.  An awesome mixed group of flyers showed up including experienced locals such as former Arsenal member Jason Peters, PD Flight-1 Coach Travis Mills, and Kim Winslow and Friday Friedman of Arizona Drive.  The group also included accomplished visitors like tunnel instructors Aaron Necessary and Antonio Arias, and Paul Cooper and Dafi Filipowski coming all the way from the UK and Eastern Europe.  Enthusiastic new talent like locals Paige Milligan and Melissa Zender got in there on some tough slots and rocked it. Fun was had by all!

There was also an impromptu smaller “skills camp” group of between 4 and 8 people working on VFS core fundamentals such as launching bases, diving, floating, stinging and break-offs.

Some of the cool jumps were the “fountain”  with several concentric rings breaking off from the center, and the “three eyed monkey” where the 28 way built then became 7 different pieces with translation, rotation and vertical movement in relation to the base.

There were two Huck Jams at the tunnel, 1 hour each night organized by Ty Losey, Brandon Atwood, Steve Curtis, Sara Curtis and Jason Peters.  Participants worked on vfs, dynamic, and multi-dimensional flying.

At the dz, early start times allowed for getting the jumps in before temperatures got too hot and turbulent.  Any summertime visitor to Skydive Az knows that the key to making the most of your day in the summer desert is to get going early, and finish up early.

Many people travelled from as far away as Europe to jump with the Arizona crew.  Thanks to you all for making this event such a great time.  We hope to get things even bigger next year, as we’ve got the aircraft on hand to make it happen! So bring your friends and join us for dodging dust devils in the desert.

Challenge Participants: Craig Amrine, Antonio Arias, Vince Arnone, Brandon Atwood, Becky Baird, Wade Baird, Amy Benton, John Blackburn, Chazi Blacksher, Paul Cooper, Luke Cotton, Sara Curtis, Steve Curtis, Niklas Daniel, Dafi Filipowski, Danielle Ford, Mike “Friday” Freidman, Dave Hawley, Jeff Johnson, Nancy Koreen, Eric Leggiere, Ty Losey, Lisa Mazzetta, Paige Milligan, Travis Mills, Aaron Necessary, Jason Peters, James Schroeppel, Mark Stoddart, Kim Winslow, Melissa Zender, Dave Rhea (video and stills)

Skills Camp Participants:  Derek Wallen, Nick Blacksher, Gary Schmit, Whitney Reighly, Ed Varley, Brianne Thompson

A special thanks to Mike Coffey, local freefly organizer who helped fill those morning early high altitude loads with his groups of fun jumpers!