Skydiving with RED EPIC DRAGON

RH&REDAXIS WEB IMAGES_2 Thanks to ROCKHOUSE MOTION, I had the opportunity to play with a RED EPIC DRAGON for a couple of days. Chasing Red Bull athlete Jeff Provenzano around over the skies of Eloy Arizona, we covered a variety of skills and skydiving disciplines.


Behind the scenes photos by Matt White and Aaron of Rockhouse Motion.


Behind the scenes look at the GoPro Skydiving Slip and Slide video

Take a look behind the scenes of the recent GoPro: Swoop ‘N Slide YouTube video. This segment aired on the Canadian Discovery Channel show Daily Planet on May 15th, 2015.

Arizona X-Force VFS Block Talk 12-17 Video

This is the fourth installment of Arizona X-Force’s VFS tutorials. Following the VFS Block Talk 6-11 video, VFS Block Talk will offers insight on how to walk, prep, and execute blocks 1 thru 17 in a three part installment.